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The mission of the School of Tango Argentino Tangent is to disseminate Argentine Tango and related culture in the field of Galicia, developing classes, courses, festivals, forming teachers and opening classes throughout Galicia. It is tangent's mission to create a pedagogical methodology that allows a large-scale dissemination of Tango in Galicia.


The vision of tangent is to ensure that Tango of quality is associated with the word tangent in all Galicia, Spain and the world. That is to say to be the reference in Argentine Tango especially in Galicia. To expand the school throughout the Galician geography by the training of instructors.

  1. Quality teaching, always in search of excellence
  2. Passion: Tango is our passion and we want to transmit it
  3. Team: We are a team that shares these values and this passion
  4. Research: Permanent search through training and research
  5. Respect: respect to the customer and their needs or wait.

Our goal is to enjoy dancing Tango

For over 20 years Alicia Carballeira teaches Tango in La Coruña. Together with her husband Miguel Bordera, he was formalized creating the Argentine Tango school Alicia Carballeira. The decision of Manuel Sánchez Caravel, who was based and teaching Tango in Freiburg (Germany), to return to his land, and a long but sporadic collaboration in events with Alicia coupled with Miguel's organizing capacity lead to the creation of the Tangent Association of Argentine Tango School in La Coruña. 

Born Tangent School of Argentine Tango as a project to put in common the different capacities of the members, Alicia, Miguel and Manuel. 

The unexpected death of Manuel soon, leaves Alicia again without a dance partner and the project seems doomed to finish. However, after the first moment of "chock" Alicia and Miguel decide not to give in to adversity and continue carrying out what had been planned. 

Miguel is formed in an accelerated way in order to attend Alicia in the classes and as a dance partner. They have organized countless milongas, workshops and the tangent Festival that is consolidating in the world of Tango. They have also participated in many events such as dancers and/or organizers

Alicia Carballeira García

Alicia Carballeira García


Alicia arrives at Tango at a difficult time in her life. The meeting with Tango is casual, in the year 1994, watching a tango dance in the Calle Real de la Coruña to which was his first master Cecilio. The teacher invites you to be his dancing partner as he has just arrived from Argentina and lacks it. Alicia quickly shows gifts for Tango and is completely "hooked". It continues to be formed and participates in several Tango events with the cast "El Firulete", in particular at the Teatro Rosalía de La Coruña and several other places, and as president of the association "Pichincha". 

When his master Cecilio moves to Alicante, Alicia continues with the Tango classes forming the best dancers in Galicia. It complements its training with different teachers in Spain and in Argen

tina with Manuel organizes the milongas of Sada and the Tango holidays in Perbes for several years. 

In 2005 opens the local "Tango 05" which is a success being the meeting place of the artistic community of La Coruña to be more center of tango classes. For reasons independent of his will he will be obliged to close it. 

During the next period of his life marked by several personal problems manages to maintain his tango classes, particularly in the Casa Argentina de la Coruña, and with the arrivals of Miguel to his life and Manuel to his tango joins the project tangent which is now the Mae Main Stra. She is the oldest Tango teacher in Galicia and many dancers from Galicia and even the world have gone through her classes.

Miguel Bordera Pascual

Miguel Bordera Pascual


Miguel arrives at the Tango of the hand of Alice in the year 2013. Thanks to their knowledge of other activities such as Yoga, Taichi, martial arts and combat sport in which it takes many years, can progress more easily.

When he joined Alicia and Manuel to found tangent he also received training from Manuel, complementing Alicia's training. With the disappearance of the latter he continues his training with Alicia who has become his wife, accelerating his training in order to attend Alicia in his classes.

To complement his training he prepares with several courses and private classes with different teachers.

A greater of training in Tango, Miguel uses his business and organisational knowledge to give greater impact to the school tangent and culminate with the organization of several events in particular the Festival of tango tangent of La Coruña.

Fernando Bermúdez

Fernando Bermúdez

Tango DJ